Why cbd oil so expensive?

One of the main factors why CBD is so expensive concerns its small-scale distribution. The truth is that cbd oil is not as expensive as the main players in the industry want you to think it is. Because cbd is so versatile and the cbd industry is booming, demand for the product is at an all-time high and companies of all kinds are taking full advantage of the hype. The processing of CBD oil is one of the reasons for its high cost.

The machinery used to harvest hemp and isolate CBD is expensive, so producing CBD oil is not a cheap task for companies. According to Baum, there are several factors that drive the price of CBD. The most significant thing is limited supply versus inspection costs, valuable time, and this often increases prices. In addition to frequent inspections, harvesting hemp can increase the final cost.

Many farmers who produce hemp must use certain types of equipment, which may include a harvester. A harvester is a machine capable of harvesting large acres. Other equipment may consist of bed cutters and moulders. The high price of CBD reflects the processes, equipment and legal requirements required to produce it.

Other factors, such as marketing and packaging, do play an important role, but they don't have such a significant effect on the final price. The process of making CBD oil is very expensive. All stages of production, from agriculture to extraction and third-party testing, require specialized knowledge and expensive equipment, which translates into a higher price than what is seen in most supplements sold without a doctor's prescription. For those who are new to CBD, the price of CBD oil probably seems unnecessarily high, especially for such a small bottle.

However, due to all the factors listed above, the price involved in creating pure, premium CBD oil requires a lot of time and care. As they are easier to produce and not as potent, broad-spectrum CBD oils also come at a lower price. Pure CBD oil and other hemp related products are subject to much more government influence and inspection. One way to ensure the peace of mind needed when determining where to buy CBD oil is to look for companies that test their products throughout the production process.

To some extent, the jury is still out, although the health and wellness community is becoming more receptive to the benefits of CBD oil. The presence of terpenes will also be a strong indicator that CBD oil is full spectrum, as they are removed from CBS isolates during the extraction process. The basics of economics tell us that as demand for pure CBD increases, the cost of CBD will also increase. Growing and manufacturing high-quality CBD oil requires time and money, which is why the product is so expensive in the first place.

CBD oil users don't expect to get a “high” from the oil, so THC levels should be kept to a minimum to avoid any psychoactive effects. It's best to judge the prices of CBD products in terms of milligram, as higher concentrations are usually less expensive per milligram of CBD. Certain organizations, such as Provacan in the UK, have even achieved Kosher certification for their CBD oil, a process that is as expensive as it is arduous. Many companies currently sell hemp seed oil or cannabis sativa seed extract, claiming that it is CBD oil.